About the Author

Dustin Beutin is a native of Chicago and a fan of murky conspiracy theories. As an undergrad at Purdue University, Dustin pursued dual degrees in History and Political Science. This proved to be fertile ground for his interests in the intricacies of global events and his love of the written word. Following work with Teach for America as an elementary school teacher in Chicago, Dustin chased his creative dreams to the MFA program in Screenwriting at USC’s acclaimed School of Cinematic Arts.

Since then, he has been lured into remaining in Southern California by his lovely wife and now lives at the beach, far from the snow shovels of his beloved Windy City. Among a series of critical and scholarly recognitions for his portfolio of full-length screenplays, Dustin has been recognized by the Academy of Motion Pictures’ Nicholl Fellowships in Screenwriting for his works Bataan and Washington Fog.

Intrigued by the freedom of the fiction novel format, Invisible Wounds is Dustin’s first novel and is scheduled to be published in Summer, 2015.

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